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As the capital city of Qinghai Province, Xining is the center of politics, economy, culture, education, technology, transportation and commerce in this region. Xining lies in the eastern part of Qinghai-Tibet plateau, and the upper reaches of Shuang Shui River. The average altitude of the urban area is 2275 meters. It is composed of four districts (East, West, South & North), three counties (Da Tong, Huang Zhong, Huang Yuan), one Economic &Tech Development Zone which is under construction, and one Cheng Nan New District. Xining is a multinational and multi-religion city, consisting of 36 nationalities such as Han, Hui, Tu, Tibetan, Mongolian, Manchu and Salar etc, which constitute 25% of the total population.



It is not very cold in winter or very hot in summer, belonging to the typical mainland plateau climate. The average annual temperature is 7.7 , and the annual rainfall is 425 mm. In summer, the highest temperature will be around 20 , thus it is a nice natural summer resort.



Xining has unique and beautiful sceneries and many places of interests. Within 2 hours of driving, there is a famous Buddhism resort “Taier Lamasery.” On January 15th, May 15th, June 15th and September 9th of lunar calendar, Taer Lamasery will display plenty of precious relics and good editions of Tibetan scriptures, and “Three Precious Arts” as butter flowers, mural and barbola. Besides, Xining also has the worldwide famousQinghai Lake, Bird Island, Ri Yue Mountain, Jin Yin Tan plain and mysterious Atom City. What’s more, the beautiful scenery like State-level Forestry Garden ‘Hu Zhu North Mountain Forestry Center', and Meng Da Heaven Pool are both worthy of visiting.


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