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Turpan is the lowest basin in China. It covers an area of almost 70000 square kilometers which contains all the classic attractions of the West Region. Turpan is a key city on Silk Road that connects the western world and the eastern world closely. Turpan region has the most cultural relics of the Silk Road. At present, more than 200 cultural relics were found. Among them, 6 belong to key heritage conservation units protected by the State Council.



Turpan is one of the two centers of Uyghur culture. The special charms of Urghur culture can be reflected in the dancing, music, clothes, religions, food, life styles and architectural styles. They are living documents for visitors to know more about Urghur culture. Additionally, Turpan is also the representative of the unique natural environment in West Region as well as the representative of the civilization of oasis. The natural sceneries in Turpan like desert, oasis, grassland and forest are the most prominent in the whole Xinjiang Province. What’s more, Turpan is rich in grapes and melons, which gains it the reputation of “Kingdom of Fruits.”



Turpan is the epitome of the West Region and it is also an eternal monument on the Silk Road. No wander it is called the Natural Museum of the history and culture of the West Region.


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