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MPV Rental Service in Xiamen

Being the leading Xiamen MPV Rental (Hire) provider, GCT Xiamen MPV Rental (Hire) is your best choice to get around in Xiamen. Our Xiamen MPV Rental (Hire) service enables you to explore Xiamen on your own in your way. GCT Xiamen MPV Rental (Hire) offers the following MPV types: GM Buick GL8 MPV; Hyundai Refine MPV; JAC Refine MPV, Jinbei Grace MPV. If you prefer a specific name brand MPV which is not in our list, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to meet your demand. Besides Xiamen MPV Rental (Hire) service, GCT can also provide English speaking tour guide service in Xiamen. If you know your Xiamen destinations well, you may simply rent a MPV with driver without guide; if you feel that you need an English speaking guide to help you getting around in Xiamen, GCT will be very happy to offer this service. For your information, most drivers in China cannot speak English, we highly recommend you to hire an English speaking tour guide when you rent (hire) a MPV in Xiamen from GCT. 

Find a Car or Bus in China

How to rent a car or bus in China with GCT?

Renting a car or bus in China with GCT is easy and convenient. Just send an email to us and inform us the following: which city you are going to rent a car or bus? when you are going to rent a car or bus? the specific places that you are going to visit and the type of cars or buses you want. We will reply to you within 24 hours. For your info, most drivers in China do not speak English. If you need English or other language speaking guide to help you get around, GCT will be very happy to provide you with this service upon your request.

What our customers say about GCT car & bus rental service?

I would like to take this opportunity to express my special thanks to you for all your kind assistance rendered during our journey. Your personal service is really beyond our expectation. The bus condition and the driver service were really great especially in Guangzhou & Macau. The tour guide in Macau also very helpful and she put lots of effort to communicate with us in English and she has rendered her service professionally. Pls also relay my special thanks to bus driver Mr. Zhang & Mr. Feng (Guangzhou). They are really sincere peoples and very helpful.
I will come back to China again and if there is an opportunity I would like to visit Beijing with my family and meet you personally. Once again thank you very much. I will definitely use your service again and recommend your service to others.
Delima Mohd
Jan 05, 2009