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Shenzhen Transportation

As a special economic zone, the transportation network in Shenzhen has ranked among the first class all over China. Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is located on the east bank of Zhujiang River. It is only 35 kilometers away from the urban district. This airport also has special service for children, the old and the patients. Shenzhen Railway Station is on Luohu District. The station offers lines to the large or middle cities in China. There are 8 harbors in Shenzhen, including Shekou, Chiwan, Dongjiaotou, Mawan, Yantian and so on. Shekou has regular ships to Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Macao, Hong Kong and Kowloon everyday.

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, located at Bao’an, the western part of Shenzhen, is the fourth largest national airport. Over 200 flights land in Shenzhen every day from all over the world. It only takes 30~45 minutes drive to downtown, about 32 kilometers away. Till now, the airport has 110 domestic as well as international lines.

Shezhen Luohu Railway Station

The railways in Shenzhen can lead to everywhere in China. Jing-Guang Line and Jing-Jiu Line, two major trunks in China, meet in Shenzhen City. Shenzhen Railway Station is located on Luohu District, which is the most prosperous area in Shenzhen City. The station has comfortable waiting halls, large ticket hall and perfect service desks. Everyday, there are nearly 50 pairs of trains departing or coming in this station.

Shenzhen Long Distance Bus Station

As a special economic zone, the transportation system in Shenzhen has ranked among the first class in the whole China. There are several bus stations in Shenzhen, including Luohu Passenger Station, Futian Passenger Station and so on. Everyday, there are regular buses setting out to Guangzhou, Shantou, Fuzhou, Zhangjiang etc. Because every station has their own destinations, visitors should ask clearly before taking action.

Getting around Shenzhen by City Bus

Shenzhen has an efficient public transport network. At present, Shenzhen has 201 bus lines in total, including 126 lines in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, 30 lines in Baoan District and 31 lines between Baoan and Longgang. The time interval for most of the lines is 5 minutes. The operation hours are from 06:30 to 22:30. As to the ordinary buses, the ticket fare varies from 1 yuan to 7yuan, and as to the air-conditioned buses, the ticket fare varies from 2 yuan to 10 yuan. In recent years, the city is equipped with night buses which start with letter “N”.

Getting around Shenzhen by Taxi

You can call a taxi by waving hands, but don’t do it in prohibited areas. There are three kinds of taxis identified by colors: red, yellow and green. Red taxi can run long distance; the yellow ones can only operate in the special economic zone; and the green ones can only operate outside the special economic zone. Besides, Shenzhen has several star drivers who can speak in English.

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