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Shopping in Guangzhou

Shopping in Guangzhou: General Introduction


Whether you’re looking for impressive souvenirs, unique Chinese novelty items or just some great fashion bargains, Guangzhou’s streets and shopping malls will provide you with what you need. Guangzhou’s main shopping center can be found at Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, the venue of a host of local shops, including the Mayflower Plaza, which sells anything and everything and is also a favorite hangout of fashionable young people. The Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is another popular shopping area that offers a wide range of products. If you know how to bargain, you will fit right in. This is also where you will find Liwan Plaza, located at 9 Dexing Road, a place that’s famous for its crystal products. This entire area is a beautiful snapshot of traditional Cantonese architecture.



Guangzhou Qingping Market
On the side of pretty Pearl River, Qingping Market is located at the crossing of Qingping Road and Tiyun Road. It spans about 1000 meters, covers an area of 11200m2, with 1200 sales counters. It is a market special for agricultural and sideline products and traditional Chinese medical materials Click here for more

Guangzhou Liuhua Garment Market
Liuhua Garment Market is the largest indoor garments wholesale market in Guangzhou. It is located in Liuhua district around Zhanqian Road, Zhannan Road and North Renmin Road, with a floor area of about 15000 km2, including Baima Trade Building, Tianma Building, Fashion Whole Center, Heima Building Click here for more

Guangzhou Nanfang Tea Market
Nanfang Tea Market is located at Shiweitangjie Shancun, Fangcun District of Guangzhou. It has a floor area of 60000m2, a special market with multi-function of business and tourism. In 1940s, there were only several home-made tea workshops by local villagers in manner of shop-factory and manufacturing-selling combined. Click here for more

Guangzhou Xiguan Antique Town
Located between Fengyuan Road crossing and Longjin West Road, Xiguan Antique Town in Guangzhou is a cultural market for shopping, exchange and appreciation of artifacts and a new tourist district combing human sight, traditional culture with tourist shopping. The antiques at service include ceramic curios like sacrificial vessel of Shang Dynasty Click here for more

Daxin Road Haopan Leather Auxiliaries Street
Located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Daxin Road Haopan Leather Auxiliaries Street is a famous street special for leather, hardware and shoes materials. Haopan Leather Auxiliaries Street has a long history. As early as in the Qing Dynasty Haopan Street was renowned for business of cowhide shoes. Click here for more

Yide Road Seafood & Dried Food Market
Yide Road Seafood & Dried Food Market, also called Haiwei Road, is famous “Seafood & Dried Fruit Street” in the history of Guangzhou. It stretches from Haizhu Square in the east to Haizhu South Road in the west. This 1000m-Long Street is lined with 200 shops and 5 indoor wholesale markets with 1600 varieties of seafood and dried food. Click here for more

Huadu Nanfang Flowers Trading Center
Huadu Nanfang Flowers Trading Center is located in the west of Xinhua Town, Huadu District, with a floor area of 506000m2. It is one of the ten projects for invigorating large communications of Guangzhou, with a total investment of RMB 200 million Yuan, a modern large trading market and flowers sightseeing place Click here for more

Huadu Shiling Leather Products Center
Huadu Shiling (International) Leather and Leather Products Center is a leather and leather products wholesale market with largest scale, highest grade, most complete modernization management facilities and international professional level in China. It is located in Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, covering an area of over 700 mu Click here for more

Hualin Jadeware Street
Hualin Jadeware Street stretches over 500 meters from Xilaizheng Street in the south to Xinsheng Street on Changshou West Road in the north, world-famous jadeware trade and distributing place. Along the street stand 142 jadeware shops, with nearly 1000 jade jewelry stalls in, of which the largest is Hualin Jadeware Building Click here for more

Yuansheng Ceramic & Jadeware Street
Yuansheng Ceramic & Jadeware Craftwork Street, located between Kangwang Road and Wenchang North Road, echoing with Hualin Jadeware Street, is nearly 1000 meters in total length and deals in folk ceramic, jadeware and craftwork. You can find ceramic from Shiwan and Jiangdezhen, tea set from Yixing, agalmatolite and bloodstone from Fujian Click here for more

Wende Cultural Shopping Street
Wende Road originated in the Qingli period of Northern Song Dynasty, on the east side of then Guangzhou Confucian Temple, and called Xuefudong Street at that time. Wende Road is at the center of ancient Guangzhou district and has profound historical basis. There are private Jiaozhong School established in the 28th year of Guangxu Period Click here for more

Shangxiajiu Road in Guangzhou
It is known that Guangzhou is famous commercial city in ancient China, well-known for developed economy and commercial tradition of long standing. In Shangxiajiu Road Pedestrian Mall you can experience traditional business charming of Guangzhou and see fascinating folk customs of Xiguan. This noted commercial street is located at Xiguan in old town. Click here for more

Beijing Road in Guangzhou
Beijing Road is central axis of ancient Guangzhou city and the most prosperous commercial distributing center in the history. Reputed “Famous Street of Lingnan”, its average traffic is about 350000 person-times per day, and is the most bustling pedestrian mall in Guangzhou, covering Zhongshan No.4 Road, Zhongshan No.5 Road, Xihu Road, Jiaoyu Road, Yushan Market nearby and commercial points around. Click here for more

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