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White Cloud Mountain (Baiyunshan)

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Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot: General Introduction

People usually use “Pearl River and White Clouds” to praise Guangzhou. “White Clouds” refers to Baiyun Mountain, and “Pearl River” refers to the Pearl River. Baiyun Mountain, belonging to the ending section of Jiulian Mountain Range, Dayu Mountain Branch, is located north of Guangzhou city with a distance of 6 kms. Baiyun Mountain is made up of over 30 peaks with a mountain area of 28 km2, be equivalent to the total area of Macao. The highest peak Moxing Peak is 382 ms and is the highest in Guangzhou. When the sun comes out after rain, the white clouds of the mountain wreathe around the green mountains and the blue waters, making beautiful sceneries, so it is called Baiyun Mountain. 

Baiyun Mountain is full of great momentum and vigor with undulating mountains and staggering clenches. The roads on the mountain radiate to all directions. The sceneries are beautiful and elegance with places of historical interest and scenic beauty spreading all over the place like stars in the sky.

Baiyun Mountain became well known from the early ancient times. Famous personages came here in the Warring States Period, the sceneries had been amenity in Jin Dynasty and it had been well known as a famous scenic spot.  Eight Sceneries of Guangzhou since Song Dynasty has several spots in Baiyun Mountain. Every year on the Double Ninth Festival Guangzhounese take it a pleasure to go to Baiyun Mountain. At that time, a featured scenic picture of Guangzhou comes into being with liveliness of bustling people along with the old and the young.      

Now Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot has from the south to the north scattered 7 sight-seeing spots: Lu Lake sight-seeing spot, Santai Mountain sight-seeing spot, Mingchun Valley sight-seeing spot, Moxing Peak sight-seeing spot, Bright Pearl Tower sight-seeing spot, Flying Goose sight-seeing spot and Heyi Peak sight-seeing spot. In the spots there are four utmost scenic of our country: the biggest garden park of our country -- Yuntai Garden; the first sightseeing ropeway designed by ourselves—Baiyun Ropeway; the largest of our country and the second of Asia natural birdcage-- Mingchun Valley and the largest theme sculpture park -- Sculpture Park.

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